Monday, December 6, 2010

Dear Mr. Ray Isle, Quit your job.

SO.. He (my LEAST favorite person, ever -- Ray Isle, who is - in case you didn't know- the FandW executive Wine Editor) did a spot on The Today Show, about holiday wine and what you should serve with your Christmas dinner. It left me seriously agitated to say the least. In fact, that man makes me down right crazy.

This would have been the PERFECT time to discuss some really fantastic small, organic, terroir obsessed, and obscure vineyards that are not only delicious and affordable (I'm sure that is exactly what the viewers of The Today Show are looking for) but are REAL! They aren't all liquid wood chips, chemically altered and over produced. Why wouldn't you give the little guys that awesome publicity? WHY? you ask -- because he is probably paid (via the magazine) to push the typical, lame ass, same old same old vineyards that buy advertising space (GASP)-- that, btw. AREN'T EVEN GOOD!

Shocker -- He kicks it off with Moet and Chandon (to accompany ham, mind you) and makes it sound like at $60/bottle; it's God's gift. I'm serious. He then follows it up with Domaine Chandon as the less expensive bubbly to serve. Seriously? Shame on you. Next came KJ Chardonnay with TURKEY? Really? Where's MY Riesling for the turkey? Oh, there it is -- with the pork chops... And, it happens to be CRAP. He literally chose the worst Riesling, I've ever tasted. In typical Ray-SELL OUT-fashion, he finished things up on the Napa Cab train. If I hear one more thing about the "great" Napa Cab's from him -- I will come unglued. It wouldn't be so bad if he was promoting the hell out of some truly great Napa Cab's.... I'm so sorry but, Sterling and BV just don't cut it in my world as GREAT.

Watch the clip, and see for yourself....

The best wines for any holiday meal

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